Old Year, New Year

Most people I know love New Year’s Eve. Hate Christmas, love NYE. I’m the other way around. New Year’s Eve for me inevitably involves parties that never quite seem as fabulous as advertised, schlepping through crowds to see fireworks and then schlepping back, and a vague feeling that I didn’t really achieve very much in the last year and its pretty unlikely the new year will be any different. In an effort to pep myself up about the impending holiday I’m taking a moment to reflect on this years highlights:

1.) We moved to LA – a decision that the Engineer and I made so that he could take a job that wasn’t 75% travel and we could spend our time actually being together, rather than simply being on the same continent. A little stressful because it cuts me off from the one guaranteed source of income I had, but hopefully some sort of funding will come through.

2.) I defended my prospectus. And now I am proceeding to carve out new research territory that looks less and less like said prospectus with every passing week. As is the way of these things.

3.) I passed the Latin MA exam. In the manner of Latin, this didn’t actually register as a moment of success so much as a narrow escape from further torture. But, you know, measurably an achievement.

4.) I got engaged. Huzzah!

5.) I presented at Kalamazoo for the first time. And all my lovely colleagues bought me a book and filled the front page with kind and encouraging comments, and generally made me feel warm and fuzzy about the people in my program.

6.) In the process of getting engaged, we went on an incredible week long vacation to Mexico. The beaches were beautiful, the food was delicious and I saw one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

7.) I managed to keep up a reasonable writing habit. Work/life got in the way a few times. But the days I stick to my 1000 words, five days per week goal have been rewarding.

8.) I kept my new years resolutions from last year. These were “have hobbies” and “engage in leisure reading.” I’ve found time for writing, knitting, swing dancing and cooking. The local bookstores and comic stores are currently being kept in business as I strive to make up for four years of reading almost exclusively work-related books. Success!

Well, I feel suitably pepped. I hope y’all have a happy new year. Especially my various peeps for whom 2011 has sucked quite a bit. Let’s all hope 2012 sucks less.


~ by medievalness on December 30, 2011.

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