Thing Thursday

Inspired by the Cabinet of Curiosities, and my general love of thing theory, every Thursday I am going to highlight a cool object I come across in my travels. Today, Tycho Brahe’s nose(s).

I was noodling around on the interwebs yesterday, reading some book reviews and came across a reference to Tycho Brahe. It was the third or fourth reference to Tycho Brahe in as many weeks, which I took as a sign that I should mosey over to wikipedia and see what it had to say about him. This is how I lose entire afternoons chasing up obscure references from footnotes in papers that were only tangentially related to my work in the first place.

Obviously, Tycho Brahe’s contributions to astronomy are all very exciting, but I was more diverted by an entire subheading devoted to his nose. The bridge of which was apparently lopped off in a duel. As a result, he had not one, but several, prosthetic noses made in a variety of metals to make up for the deficit. I’m thoroughly tickled by the idea of having, say, a casual Friday nose in tin, and a Sunday best nose in gold, maybe something bejewelled in the event of a royal banquet or whatnot.

He also had a pretty killer mustache, by the looks of his portrait.


~ by medievalness on October 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “Thing Thursday”

  1. The duel thing was a story he made up. He just really hated his face.

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