Decor for the Horror Writer

Once again, Restoration Hardware has outdone itself in surreal and useless objects for the home. I only discovered this store after moving to Los Angeles. I’m astonished that we’ve not yet been removed by security  during any of our visits for loudly mocking the furniture and arranging all the hand models so they’re flipping the bird. Because we are both entirely mature and sensible at all times.

Today, while browsing for lamps, I discovered this delightful objet.

Why, yes, it is a glass dome containing an assemblage of limbless baby dolls. Adds a certain je ne sais what the actual f*&# is that to any interior.

So, not only is the store an excellent source for terrifyingly overpriced lighting solutions, but the catalog alone provides hours of inspiration for the steampunk or horror writer. Also hours of hilarity.

Can’t wait for the baby-dome to be written up on catalog living.


~ by medievalness on September 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “Decor for the Horror Writer”

  1. Does it have a function at all? Does it light up, for example? And if it does light up, do the limb-less babies glow? Because that would be awesome.

    Also, perhaps you could compare this to those awesome medieval images of Mary with a womb full of monks.

    • Oh Kristi, you kill me! A function? For an item from Restoration Hardware? Their actual furniture is barely functional. No, I think its just meant to sit there and creep out visitors.

      I like where you’re going with the Marian image. It’s sort of monstrance-y, isn’t it? I’m sure you and I together can come up with some wild Eucharistic theory about it. Especially with the aid of a Hendricks and Tonic or two. 😉

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