Share the Love Friday

All the cool kids in the blogosphere are doing theme days. I thought about doing Rant o’ the Week on Fridays, but after swearing at my Latin translations for a few hours my brain is fried. So Friday shall be Link Day. Links old and new. I suspect Wednesday will be Rant o’ the Week Day. I’m usually pretty ornery on Hump Day.

First up, Exploring our Matrix shares an exercise he had his students do wherein they were asked to explain a passage from the Bible to someone from another planet. Kind of a fun thought experiment for a spec fic writer as well, if we bear in mind the fact that the colonial period prompted huge efforts to translate the bible into the vernacular languages of the colonies. And hundreds of centuries earlier when Christian missionaries pulled a fast one on the Germanic tribes. “Sure, sure. Jesus. Great warrior god.” Space colonies! Alien proselytism!

Of course, if we keep warming the globe at our current rate, the aliens will be the ones colonizing and converting us, if NASA’s Planetary Science Divisions scenario comes about. (Via

The Guardian gives a run-down of Neil Gaiman’s appearance at the Edinburgh Festival.

And William Gibson is interviewed over at Canadian Notes & Queries. Talking about the fetishization of past fashions and technologies he captures in two lines what I flailed about trying to say for an entire blog post when he explains;

“It’s about pushing back at the shabbiness of simulacra, maybe. Kind of a William Morris move for the 21st Century.”

Which reminds me, I need to re-read Baudrillard.

Plus, some older links that I came across earlier this week, that really deserve a read.

I plan on writing a longer response to The Guardian’s series on What Science Fiction Can Tell Us About God sometime next week.

And finally, Lev Grossman’s piece from The Wall Street Journal which covers the “ranty” aspect of this week’s link round-up quite nicely. Snobs who dismiss fantasy fiction as kiddy escapism are one of my pet peeves as well.


~ by medievalness on August 19, 2011.

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